Haiti: 18 months after the earthquake

I had the privilege to visit Port-Au-Prince last week and see how Haiti is doing after the earthquake and meet some pretty awesome people. 

As my Dad so eloquently stated, “Haiti is being rebuilt one bucket at a time.” We had the opportunity to carry a few of those buckets to help rebuild a church and two houses.

 I was struck by how beautiful Haiti is. There are butterflies and palm trees and hills and mountains. Port-Au-Prince on the other hand is gray and dusty with an incredible amount of trash and raw sewage lining the streets. The tent cities are shocking and oddly striking. People have constructed shelter and homes from left-over tents and scraps. Nothing is wasted and many things are creatively repurposed.   Haiti is struggling, people are starving and dying from preventable diseases, but people are surviving in conditions that I could barely stand for a week.

Haitians are incredibly brave and beautiful people. We spent some time with church leaders and workers, kids in orphanages and kids living in the towns we visited. I was struck by their praise and how they worshiped God despite their circumstances. Their faith was visible and strong.  And at the same time, kids who couldn’t speak English sang, “Baby, baby, baby, oh!” How on earth did Justin Bieber make it around the world?  

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